Monday, December 27, 2010

21 Pounds!

Just got back from Las Vegas for the holidays with my parents, and it was so much fun! I had no trouble eating. I've probably been fudging my diet slightly, eating things that are a little bit more solid, and a little more than 1/4 of a cup. But seriously, without a fill, I would pass out eating only a 1/4 cup of food. but I haven't had any trouble getting things down.

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee oatmeal, it's so good. God knows why. I had so many good bowls of oatmeal on vacation. Thank you Mandalay Bay for your awesome oatmeal LOL (though at $7.50 a bowl I could of bought 100 boxes of Quaker haha.) Also I had a lot of chili, I had a "chili boat" from Tommy's yesterday, that was delicious. Also the filling from chicken lettuce wraps is really ground up tiny and goes down easy. Both really filling too. I'm trying to get a lot of protein in my meals so I don't have to do protein shakes, because those are nasty.

I peeled off my bandages yesterday, looks good. I still can't tell where my port is though. I feel like an alien because I have a port! Haha.

In even better news, I'm down 21 pounds woohoo! Not bad. I got to start doing some exercise now I don't think I can do anything strenuous yet, but I can go walking. I think I want to try hiking again.

Here is a picture from my trip. I feel like I look a little smaller, so yay!!

Donnie Osmand!

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  1. There is definitely already a noticeable difference! Good job!