Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 2

Haha, apparently I pee'd out 6 pounds yesterday \o/ I'll take it. I know probably just water weight but still sounds pretty exciting.

My verdict on these drinks, I really don't like Jello, Myoplex lite is good, the various powdered shakes aren't as good because it's grainy and frothy, I like Sugar Free Grape Kool-Aid, and I LOVE chicken bullion. It actually really hits the spot. I'm still a bit confused because they said I can't have milk products before the surgery, but all the protein shakes have it some kinda milk protein in it. Except this icky Isopure I'm drinking right now, which is like fruit punch.

Yesterday was hard man. It's just weird to not eat any food. I was a little depressed about it. You know the whole doom and gloom mentality OHH IM NEVER GONNA EAT XYZ AGAIN. But, for the most part I'm ok. I guess this will make me that much more grateful for food. After the surgery I can have more normal things like tomato soup and pudding and things so that should help. 

I went to see the doctor, yesterday, just saw the nurse, and I still don't know what time my surgery is at, but I got some prescriptions for pain and nausea for after my surgery. 

Hanging in there,


  1. You're doing great! What day is your surgery?

  2. Sounds like your off to a good start! I will keep you in my prayers for you to keep on being strong.
    Your new journey will be amazing. Keep thinking positive thoughts.