Monday, January 31, 2011

New Year, New You Challenge

I did a challenge on the lapband message board, 10lbs in January, and I weighed this morning, 10lbs!! woohoo.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

NSV: Smaller Pants!

I went to Macy's this weekend, and I got 2 new pairs of pants in size 20 instead of 22 yay! Not a huge drop, but that's good :D. Ya'll know how much trouble I have with pants! Evil.

I'm starting to worry about my diet, ugh I gotta be more careful. It's hard! Maybe I need some more restriction. But I don't even know if that would help? I'm not hungry, I just want to eat. Well, I'm losing so I shouldn't worry...but I want to lose more than 1lb a week. Also I've been going out, and to dinner with friends a lot lately, in an effort to combat my funemployment boredom...which doesn't help because restaurant food is terrible for you. I don't understand it!? 

I'm getting a little better with exercise, I still don't like it though. I gotta do some toning, I think that will help me shape up better. I wish I still had my trainer :-/ . Haha, I was scared to do weights at the gym this week, it all looks so intimidating, and for some reason couldn't find the free weights? or they didn't have any?

Well, lets see everything else is pretty good here. I got to see 2 of my favorite Idols this week Josh Gracin & Blake Lewis so that makes me super happy!! They are both awesome. Here are a few pics of that, and one from Vegas :) (I figure some photos make things more interesting haha, only so much to say about my food habits LOL)

Blake at the Hollywood Knights Charity B-ball game
Josh Gracin at The Viper Room
Here's a pic from Vegas, walking to the Cosmopolitan :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So, I went to Vegas this weekend with my friend Nicole we had sooo much fun!! Totally random one nighter but it was cool. I tried pizza, we went to the sekrit Pizzeria at The Cosmopolitan! (coolest hotel ever!) The pizza went down fine.. not that I should know that haha, but it's good to know I can eat it sometimes.

I got back this morning and I did my weigh in 2 more lbs!! So thats like 4lbs last week  :D, so here are the photos as promised :D

Yay! 30lbs, 6 weeks


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sticking needles in my alien port!

Haha, I had my fill today. It was totally the weirdest thing ever! So the doctor makes me stand in front of this giant machine, and sticks this huge needle in my port, it doesn't really hurt.. then he put some solution in, then he made me hold it and he looked on the fancy machine. Then he had me drink a sip of some sort of solution I guess so he could see it go down. Then he kept adjusting accordingly. It was just super weird! I felt like an alien. 

I asked him after how much he put in, he said 5.5 ccs. Which I was surprised about, but I guess why have 10 pointless appointments with 1/2 a cc at a time. I asked how big my band is he said it's over 11 ccs. He said not to worry about that. I always found it a little odd everyone was so focused how much is in there, shouldn't you just gauge it on your hunger and weight loss level?

I'm feeling a little uncomfortable now, but I think that's normal. I'm on liquids for the next 24hrs.

I'm a little scared what it's going to be like to eat! But I'm excited to lose more weight!


Monday, January 17, 2011

This is me avoiding my workout


Yea, I need to go hiking or something.. probably should before it gets hot. (yes, I said hot, it's going to be 85ยบ today for some damn reason haha). So.. I lost another pound!! YAY! So that makes 2 last week, and I had my period so that's even better, I was scared to way this morning. Actually having your period makes your band tighter, it's weird, but I guess a blessing at the same time, because usually thats when you wanna eat lots of junk. Though it feels weird having cramps and stuff makes it hard to distinguish being full.

I went out to eat quite a bit this week, and had no problems. They actually passed some kinda of law where in California they have to post the calories on the menus of chain restaurants. It's so terrible how bad some food is. I went to California Pizza Kitchen after me and my friend Nicole went to see Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday (OMG Channing Tatum you are hot :D) Their Waldorf Chicken Salad has 1561 calories yikes! A SALAD!!! Actually there is almost nothing good there, I had to get a cup of soup and picked at a "small plates" wedge salad. 

I'm having my fill this week! Yay.. I guess? I still am confused about it though. I mean, I'm not hungry all the time, and I eat fairly small portions, I guess it'll be good to have it a little tighter so I eat even less. I'm scared to have it too tight so I get sick eating things. Like right now I LOVE sushi and I have no trouble getting it down with rice. I don't want to lose my rice tolerance! I had the best roll twice last week a "Red Dragon Roll" It's either a California roll or a Spicy Tuna roll with small slices of ahi tuna on top. It's delicious and filling :D

The more I read the Lapband forum I feel more normal haha. NOTHING has made me sick, I'm not losing my hair, I've had tolerance to every food I've tried. I'm losing weight, nothing hurts. I was so scared of all these things before the surgery and I'm not having any problems, go figure. Gosh the thing I hate the most over there is the people that are like "I can still eat a regular amount of food why am I not losing weight?" It's like um. Don't eat a normal amount of food, don't test your band. I totally thought it would feel different having the band, and that it would physically restrict my eating. But I actually feel quite normal. I have to control what goes in, and I have to watch calories, but it controls my hunger. Before, if I'd go on a diet I'd be hungry, or feel deprived so I would cheat.

I love this website. Lapband Transformation pretty much squashes any excuse you have for not losing weight.

So when I hit 30 pounds I'm gonna take a picture in my fat jeans, think I'll do that every 20 or 30 pounds cause I wanna see them get bigger!

Ok ok, off to exercise now,


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Oh man the last 2 days I went hiking!! Yesterday I did Runyan Canyon. Let's just say that was WAY harder than I remembered. I must be out of shape haha. I started at the top up on Mullholland and then I walked down, I went most of the way then went back up, oh lord I thought I was gonna die. That's a serious work out though, I felt like I accomplished much more doing that then just walking flat. I took a pic when I got to the top:

Top of Runyan Canyon, See downtown thru the smog?

Then today I went over to Fryman canyon which is a little more tame and I made it all the way though the loop, takes about an hour thats a good work out too, just not as steep as Runyan. Man, I'm so sore now! Might have to take tomorrow off.

View of Studio City from Fryman Canyon
So I guess that is all! I hope all this intense working out pays off :D


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Doctor's Appt

So, I'm doing good. I went and saw my doctor on Wednesday and everything was fine (albeit my appointment was 4 seconds long, and an hour drive haha). I'm going to get a fill on the 20th! I'm curious how that is going to go. I'm not hungry at all so I'm not that concerned. I'm just worried about getting sick, I'll have to be more careful about chewing my food.

I'm currently obsessed with chicken salad haha. It's so good! I found a good one at Fresh & Easy with pecans and cranberries in it, so tasty. Also for dinner tonight I had turkey salad from Bristol Farms with cranberries and walnuts, also tasty. I also tried sushi the other day, that went down good too, I was worried about rice, but I didn't have a problem. Probably because it's such a small amount.

I did lots of exercise this week yay!! I went to the gym twice, and took 2 walks. Today I walked all the way over to the wax museum! Yay. Gosh Hollywood is ugly though.. everything is just dirty and gross. Makes me miss Valencia. I'm going to try hiking next week!

I just got back from seeing HAIR at the Pantages, and it was horrible, so dated, damn hippies haha!


Monday, January 3, 2011


This is what I ate today. Admire my careful calculations! At least I think it's close. I wanted to get a more exact idea of what I was eating.

1/4 Cup Egg Beaters (30 cal, 6 protein)
1/2 serving 2% mexican blend cheese (40 cal, 3.5 protein)
1 tbsp Salsa Verde (5 cal, 0 protein)
1 packet oatmeal (120 cal, 4 protein)
1 tsp of Brown Sugar (15 cal, 0 protein)

(I made oatmeal because i realized 1 serving of egg beaters was way to small! and I really like breakfast)

1/2 cup Fresh & Easy Cranberry Chicken Salad (~180 cal, 11 protein)
5 Water crackers (90 cal, 2 protein)

"Taco Salad"
1/2 Cup Ground extra lean ground turkey (120 cal, 26 protein)
2 tbsp Salsa Verde (10 cal, 0 protein)
1 serving 2% mexican blend cheese (80 cal, 7 protein)
1 tbsp lite sour cream (40 cal, 2 protein)
1 whole grain taco shell smashed (55 cal , 2 protein)

(then I broiled the top if you were curious ahha)

Later I had more "taco salad" with less stuff

1/2 Cup Ground extra lean ground turkey (120 cal, 26 protein)
2 tbsp Salsa Verde (10 cal, 0 protein)
1/2 serving 2% mexican blend cheese (40 cal, 3.5 protein)
1 tbsp lite sour cream (40 cal, 2 protein)

995 calories, 63 protien

40 minutes of cardio burned about ~300+ calories

Diet & Exercise


So, I've been doing pretty good getting the hang of this whole diet thing. This week I'm starting to be more careful with my portion sizes and measuring my food! 1/2 cup damn it!! Haha. I'm also trying to write down the calories and protein so I can get a better idea of what is going in. I got a recipe book too. Everything seems pretty easy, have to try something in there.

It's a little frustrating, I didn't lose any weight this week! BOO! But, actually I think that is normal for this period of time, with the healing and all. I'm just anxious to get started.

I did 2 days of cardio so far, I went to the gym and did 40 minutes on the treadmill today and yesterday. It felt good! But the gym is so gross, not my cup of tea, though not sure where I'd put a treadmill in my 300 sqft apartment hahaha, and it's too cold to walk outside (it SNOWED in parts of LA yesterday, I don't even know)

So overall things are good, nothing has made me sick, or worried or anything like that. I go see my doctor this week, so hopefully I'll get some more insight.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!! I'm glad to start fresh in 2011. Hopefully everything comes together in my life this year :). I'm looking forward to having more fun, and going on more crazy vacations. My life is pretty great :D (now I just need a job and to lose this weight haha)

I went clubbing last night with my friend Toto in West Hollywood, SO.MUCH.FUN! It was crazy by midnight getting all squashed to death by sweaty people. I had never been to this club before I love gay clubs they play all pop music it makes it so fun, they sure love themselves some Katy Perry. Also nothing better than like 5 guys telling you you look cute haha. Why are gays so awesome? I had one shot, that Toto picked out for me, didn't do much for me, didn't really get buzzed... not worth drinking. I still hate it. I guess I'm lucky in that aspect. People just always look like they are having so much fun drunk hahah!