Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So, I went to Vegas this weekend with my friend Nicole we had sooo much fun!! Totally random one nighter but it was cool. I tried pizza, we went to the sekrit Pizzeria at The Cosmopolitan! (coolest hotel ever!) The pizza went down fine.. not that I should know that haha, but it's good to know I can eat it sometimes.

I got back this morning and I did my weigh in 2 more lbs!! So thats like 4lbs last week  :D, so here are the photos as promised :D

Yay! 30lbs, 6 weeks



  1. Very jealous about your trip! sounds amazing. I love pizza and was wondering if I will be able to eat. I would think really thin crust which is my favorite. Congratulations on the 30 lbs. Looks like it is time for smaller pants! :)

  2. 30 pounds! Great job. Keep it up girl.

  3. Wow...that's a huge difference in your pants! I have lost 30lbs in the last four weeks but can't tell a difference in my pants yet. Great job!!!

  4. I am hoping that I am still able to handle thin crust! Your trip sounds like so much fun and to end it with a goal!!!!! Great Job!

  5. It was regular crust, and it was fine, I didn't eat the thick edge crust though.

    I can't tell that much in my pants, for some reason old pants always seem to fit the same, but I bet i'd be smaller if i bought a new pair.

    Thanks guys :)

  6. Hey! I wanted to say hi! I happened to find your blog from lapbandtalk.com and thought we might chat a little sometime! I too am 25 (almost ;) and am on a hiatus from school for graphic design! It's hard to find bandsters our age!! Dtop by my (hardly updated but that's about to change) blog and say hi!! Take care and good luck!!!