Thursday, May 19, 2011

Clothing Giveaway

EDIT: gone :) thanks :)

YAY 55 lbs down! Well, I'm moving at the end of the month.. and since I've lost so much weight, I have a lot of newer clothes that don't fit (yay?), so figured I'd see if anyone wants them before I donate or toss them out. 

All are gently used, some only worn once or twice... All are sized 18/20, or a 2x.. and most are from Lane Bryant or from Macy's INC collection.

Striped shirt from INC size 2x, the rest 18/20 from Lane Bryant except the plain teal tank w/ lace on the bottom (Torrid) and the black and grey sequin tank (random plus size store)
 If you want something, comment and I can send it, maybe we can work out paying for shipping.

I'm donating it all Saturday if I don't hear from you.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Amazing article about how the Lap-band is NOT about restriction.

Somebody posted this on the Lap-band forums, it was written by a doctor, and I found it very interesting! This has actually always been my philosophy on the band (since I was banded). I never believed in the "sweet spot" or that one day I'd suddenly be able to just eat nothing and be really full. The hunger control makes much more sense. I wish the doctors would explain it to you like this, and how to work with your lack of hunger. I think everyone would be much more successful. OR it would stop some people from getting the band, if they understood how it really works. 

Lap-band Weight Loss Surgery is NOT About Restriction

In other news, not much going on here. I'm slacking on my diet, but I got back on track today and I started writing a food log again. So hopefully the scale will get moving again!