Sunday, January 30, 2011

NSV: Smaller Pants!

I went to Macy's this weekend, and I got 2 new pairs of pants in size 20 instead of 22 yay! Not a huge drop, but that's good :D. Ya'll know how much trouble I have with pants! Evil.

I'm starting to worry about my diet, ugh I gotta be more careful. It's hard! Maybe I need some more restriction. But I don't even know if that would help? I'm not hungry, I just want to eat. Well, I'm losing so I shouldn't worry...but I want to lose more than 1lb a week. Also I've been going out, and to dinner with friends a lot lately, in an effort to combat my funemployment boredom...which doesn't help because restaurant food is terrible for you. I don't understand it!? 

I'm getting a little better with exercise, I still don't like it though. I gotta do some toning, I think that will help me shape up better. I wish I still had my trainer :-/ . Haha, I was scared to do weights at the gym this week, it all looks so intimidating, and for some reason couldn't find the free weights? or they didn't have any?

Well, lets see everything else is pretty good here. I got to see 2 of my favorite Idols this week Josh Gracin & Blake Lewis so that makes me super happy!! They are both awesome. Here are a few pics of that, and one from Vegas :) (I figure some photos make things more interesting haha, only so much to say about my food habits LOL)

Blake at the Hollywood Knights Charity B-ball game
Josh Gracin at The Viper Room
Here's a pic from Vegas, walking to the Cosmopolitan :)


  1. Congrats on getting the smaller size. Did you know you are 1/4 of the way to your goal??
    I know what you mean about the intimidation at the gym though. I will look forward to hearing how you did this week ok

  2. I didn't notice actually! Yay! that makes it sound better :)

  3. Congrats!!!!! I love getting into smaller clothes! You look great in all the pics.

  4. You certainly look look way smaller than even a 20!!! Great NSV!!!