Monday, January 17, 2011

This is me avoiding my workout


Yea, I need to go hiking or something.. probably should before it gets hot. (yes, I said hot, it's going to be 85º today for some damn reason haha). So.. I lost another pound!! YAY! So that makes 2 last week, and I had my period so that's even better, I was scared to way this morning. Actually having your period makes your band tighter, it's weird, but I guess a blessing at the same time, because usually thats when you wanna eat lots of junk. Though it feels weird having cramps and stuff makes it hard to distinguish being full.

I went out to eat quite a bit this week, and had no problems. They actually passed some kinda of law where in California they have to post the calories on the menus of chain restaurants. It's so terrible how bad some food is. I went to California Pizza Kitchen after me and my friend Nicole went to see Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday (OMG Channing Tatum you are hot :D) Their Waldorf Chicken Salad has 1561 calories yikes! A SALAD!!! Actually there is almost nothing good there, I had to get a cup of soup and picked at a "small plates" wedge salad. 

I'm having my fill this week! Yay.. I guess? I still am confused about it though. I mean, I'm not hungry all the time, and I eat fairly small portions, I guess it'll be good to have it a little tighter so I eat even less. I'm scared to have it too tight so I get sick eating things. Like right now I LOVE sushi and I have no trouble getting it down with rice. I don't want to lose my rice tolerance! I had the best roll twice last week a "Red Dragon Roll" It's either a California roll or a Spicy Tuna roll with small slices of ahi tuna on top. It's delicious and filling :D

The more I read the Lapband forum I feel more normal haha. NOTHING has made me sick, I'm not losing my hair, I've had tolerance to every food I've tried. I'm losing weight, nothing hurts. I was so scared of all these things before the surgery and I'm not having any problems, go figure. Gosh the thing I hate the most over there is the people that are like "I can still eat a regular amount of food why am I not losing weight?" It's like um. Don't eat a normal amount of food, don't test your band. I totally thought it would feel different having the band, and that it would physically restrict my eating. But I actually feel quite normal. I have to control what goes in, and I have to watch calories, but it controls my hunger. Before, if I'd go on a diet I'd be hungry, or feel deprived so I would cheat.

I love this website. Lapband Transformation pretty much squashes any excuse you have for not losing weight.

So when I hit 30 pounds I'm gonna take a picture in my fat jeans, think I'll do that every 20 or 30 pounds cause I wanna see them get bigger!

Ok ok, off to exercise now,



  1. Oh I was just reading a post on LBT by a lady that was slamming the band and saying how it was a huge waste of money and she wished she'd never got it done because she's had 14 fills and not lost one pound... and then she states something like, "if I know I wouldn't be able to eat a whole cheeseburger when I got this surgery then I never would of gotten it done! I don't want to eat baked chicken and green beans for the rest of my life!" OMG! are you SERIOUS!? Anyone with a BRAIN could read that woman's posts and be like - "here's your sign!"...some people.... (SIGH) LOL

  2. Yea, people are stupid. I saw that post! You CAN still eat food, which is such a foreign concept to people, it doesn't stop you from eating. I still have to make decisions as to what goes in.

  3. Love your post. And totally agree! The site Obesity Help is even worse than LBT because there are so many band haters. These people think the band is going to do all the work for you. I am down almost 25 lbs in 5 Weeks but I have been so careful about what I eat! It is a tool and you need to work with it. I get my first fill next week and a, glad because I am starting to get hungrier. Good luck and make sure you post!

  4. Funny you say about your period makin the band tighter! I am having the same problem right now! I just had my first fill (3cc's) on Thursday...started period on Saturday, and having a really hard time with it! Everything I eat of drink feels like its right in the back of my throat making funny sounds! Its rough! I lost 2 lbs too this week with my period! We are doing GREAT!! :) I usually gain about 5! LOL. I am on Lapband talk too...I try to find more blogs to follow and find people that maybe on Facebook! But haven't found too many! LOL. Keep up the good work and Blog blog blog! :)

  5. I read that post on LBT too! I think there are so many people out there who bring up the failure rate of the band because they had unrealistic expectations. I enjoyed your post today!

  6. Yea, I mean I feel bad for these people, but I went in with the understanding I had to do some work to make this happen. Nothing is that bad! I don't feel deprived, or like I'm missing out because of it. I don't even want junk food.