Saturday, January 8, 2011

Doctor's Appt

So, I'm doing good. I went and saw my doctor on Wednesday and everything was fine (albeit my appointment was 4 seconds long, and an hour drive haha). I'm going to get a fill on the 20th! I'm curious how that is going to go. I'm not hungry at all so I'm not that concerned. I'm just worried about getting sick, I'll have to be more careful about chewing my food.

I'm currently obsessed with chicken salad haha. It's so good! I found a good one at Fresh & Easy with pecans and cranberries in it, so tasty. Also for dinner tonight I had turkey salad from Bristol Farms with cranberries and walnuts, also tasty. I also tried sushi the other day, that went down good too, I was worried about rice, but I didn't have a problem. Probably because it's such a small amount.

I did lots of exercise this week yay!! I went to the gym twice, and took 2 walks. Today I walked all the way over to the wax museum! Yay. Gosh Hollywood is ugly though.. everything is just dirty and gross. Makes me miss Valencia. I'm going to try hiking next week!

I just got back from seeing HAIR at the Pantages, and it was horrible, so dated, damn hippies haha!



  1. Great bolg! I have my first fill on the 18th so I understand your anticipation/trepidation...can't wait to read how it goes!


  2. Hey Heather! My first fill is on the 27th and I'm pretty nervous. I asked for your blog today on LBT so now I'm following! You should follow me too! I want to try hiking as well. My fiance and I go to the mountains every year and I never go even though I really want to and it hinders him from going. My goal is to be able to do it this year!

  3. Luckily or unluckily we have lots of hiking trails here haha. But it's more fun than going to the icky gym and walking up hill on the treadmill!

    I will follow you!!