Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 7

Still sick! It sucks. I've gone through 3 boxes of tissues! Nothing really helps me feel better, trying all sorts of pills, it's so annoying, nothing worse than the common cold.

I went to pick up my prescriptions today for after my surgery, and of course, they didn't fill out the dosage or something on the paper, so I can't get them, and can't call them because it's Sunday. Great.

I guess everything is still on for tomorrow. I guess I won't know till I get there if they will do it or not. Pretty much the worst thing I can imagine is having to sneeze after abdominal surgery ahha. My doctor wasn't worried about it, but the anesthesiologist was. Sooo I don't know. This cold is pretty brutal.

In better news, this week of not eating wasn't so bad. I was fine after 2 days of it. Now, I don't even care, and honestly I don't want to eat or drink the protein shakes. I probably haven't been having as much protein as I should. Well, I'd be eating if I could, but I have no desire for the things I can have. It's like drinking 6 glasses of milk a day, I NEVER ever liked milk lol. Though it's kind of teaching me to recognize when I'm hungry, and not to eat for no reason.

I spent some time yesterday reading good things and bad things about the surgery, and what life is like after. I read a whole posting on what people eat in a day. Which gave me a better idea what to expect, doesn't seem too bad, but to eat that way for the rest of my entire life is a little scary. I also read the "what crap gets stuck in my band thread" haha learned a few things. Like why bread doesn't go down well. Because of gluten, it expands in your stomach and gets stuck. Nobody seems to be able to eat rice or most types of meat or chicken and scrambled eggs for several people. The eggs puzzle me, how can that not be soft enough to fit down? I understand the meat and chicken you'd have to macerate it so much with your teeth and it's often dry, it'd have to be pretty much liquid or it wouldn't go down.

I read a lot of stories, and saw lots of success photos and that made me feel better. Hopefully I can do this!

Wish me luck!



  1. Hi! :) New follower. Saw in your earlier post that you were having surgery today, so I just wanted to wish you luck!! Hope your cold is better so you don't have to sneeze after surgery, that sounds like it would be a killer! :(

  2. I'm feeling much better now, than yesterday, but still not 100% I guess it's up to the doctors now.

    Thanks! i'm heading to the hospital in a few minutes

  3. Thinking of you and sending prayers and good thoughts your way!