Friday, February 4, 2011

Gym and Underpants LOL!

I got 4 days in at the gym this week so far.. and I actually kind of enjoyed it. Well, enjoyed probably isn't the right word, but I knew I had to go, and I didn't argue with myself about going or not going. I guess I got over the whining that it was gross in there. It's not that bad, I'm just fickle about temperature! It's never cool enough in there.

I also started doing some weight lifting, not too much, but I think that will help me shape up and burn more fat. I'm pretty sore! haha. But I guess that's a good thing.

I'm down another pound so far, I weighed a day or two ago. I'm hoping for one more my Monday. I wish it was faster! But, this is good. Some people bust their ass, and work so hard, and eat nothing.. but what happens when you lose it all and you gotta eat a more normal amount of food? I feel like it'll be too much of a shock. I feel like now, I'm eating a pretty good amount, I'm not deprived, and it doesn't really feel like a diet. So my motivation is still up. Yes, I could eat a little bit less, and I'm working on it, but for now I'm happy. Maybe after another fill, I don't really know if I need another one? Maybe a tad more, but I'm pretty satisfied the way it is now.

Some NSV's (non scale victories) of the week. Haha.. well not sure if they are victories? Some of my gym pants are SO big I look like MC Hammer hahahahaha. I didn't even notice till I was lifting, they look ridiculous! Also my underwear are too big, never a problem I thought I'd have. I'm a bit annoyed because I probably have 50 or 75 pairs (I hate laundry), now I gotta replace?! Also my bra too, annoying! Everything is moving around and twisting, blah hate! But yay for needing new ones for a good reason.

Oh I tried this gum the Extra Dessert Delights, I got the strawberry shortcake.. It actually tastes like strawberry shortcake! Not bad for sugar free gum. I wish they had a chocolate flavor LOL I know chocolate gum sounds weird but it would be good!!! Also on a chewy thing note... buy all the gummy vitamins, they taste good! It's like a little treat, and you have to take em anyways. I love the Caltrate chocolate chews and I got One a Day fruit gummies.

I hope you all have a good weekend!



  1. Yay for NSVs! I'm with you on the chocolate gum. Maybe they could make it taste like thin mints! Yum!

  2. Horray for your NSV!!! I love the mint gum... I was told I can't chew gum! Incase I was to accidently swallow it (It will get stuck and block everything)! But I loved it before surgery! It was my dessert.

  3. Haha never thought of gum that way D: scared. I'll be careful, or not have it!

    Amber, they make chocolate mint flavor, but I dunno. I'm not a big mint fan so I didn't get it.

  4. I have wondered about that gum!!! I love the gummy vitamins and even use gummy fiber chews too. Have fun shopping for all the new underclothes!

  5. I have lost of old skinnier clothes in my closet...but the bra thing is what I find the most annoying, because the only other bras I have are nursing bras ha ha ha!!! My straps are all falling down because they aren't tight enough irritating! I hate buying bras.

  6. I am going to try and sew some of my can add an equal pleat on each side in a bra...and also maybe Panties...I will have to tell you if it works...I am just losing too fast to replace yet.