Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1/2 Way to "Idol" Goal.

YAY! 35 lbs. I want 70 by May 18th, the American Idol finale. Incase you don't know me all that well, I LOVE American Idol. I have watched every year, and I'm a big fan of many of the artists that have come off the show.  My favorite Idols are Blake Lewis, Jordin Sparks, Chris Richardson, Kris Allen,  and Josh Gracin. I also live in Hollywood, so going to the finale is my favorite thing to do every year. I've gone to every finale since season 4, it's become kind of a tradition. I love to see all my Idol fan friends, and even people that fly out for it. It's so fun! On the first day you get to hang out and go meet a TON of the old Idol kids, which is always fun.  They come to promote whatever they are up to these days, and take advantage of all the free press. Then it is the coolest experience ever to watch someone win American Idol, I mean their life is changing forever. It's intense. My favorite was David Cook's winning moment, it was crazy in there! Everyone's crying, it was intense!! Beautiful moment. Here's some pics of my favorite Idol memories.

Me & Josh Gracin in San Diego in 2008, it's funny every time we have a pic we are either both "fatter" or  "skinnier" It's pretty hilarious. I've been to 15 Josh Gracin concerts ;)  I guess we are both skinnier at this time LOL. Gonna save us both and not post the ugly fat pic haha

Chris Richardson :) at the 2010 Idol Finale. He's the best, always so nice, and gives me a huge hug. I always pester him to figure out what he's up to at the finales. (it's always something haha, I'm waiting for that album!)

Jordin Sparks! She's one of my favorite people ever! She inspires me, and has a great outlook on life. This is in 2008 when she opened for Alicia Keys in Anaheim. (Her mom actually came out into the arena and looked for all her fans wearing orange and took us backstage!)

Blake Lewis, I love Blake, I've seen him more times than I can count (and in 4 different states lol), I'm so intrigued by his talent! He's so fun and different, nobody does what he does. This is us on New Years Eve 2008 in Seattle, WA (sooooo much fun!) 

My newest fav Kris Allen, this is in San Diego in 2010.  BEST SHOW EVER. No kidding, it was so fun! Wish I could repeat this day all over again.

Haha I think I just wanted an excuse to post Idol pics :P. Hey it's going to inspire me to reach my goal haha. 

Anyways lets see. I've been having oatmeal for breakfast all week.. I'm thinking this might help me lose a little more weight, I'm testing it out. I usually have eggs and toast for breakfast, but I think this is less calories, and keeps me full longer so I'm going to see how that goes. Man, yesterday I noticed I'm not hungry AT ALL. Hardly ever. I ate breakfast at like 9:30 then I ran some errands and went to the dentist and got back after 2 pm and I still wasn't hungry. I guess my band is at a good spot.

Well, I'm off, haha actually to go see another Idol Adam Lambert film an interview at the Grove LOL



  1. You look great! And I agree, David Cook winning was my favorite as well. I think I even started crying a little LOL. Kris winning was just awkward lol. Anyway, keep up the amazing work!

  2. Heather you're so cute with your American Idol fetish!! lol I wish they had a contest to test Idol fan's knowledge - I am POSITIVE you would win!! hehe

  3. Haha, yes yes I would. LOL I did some kinda cheesy contest once at some event and I beat some 12 year old and won like a frisbee.

    Thanks Kim, and yes David's was the best!

  4. Great pics, thanks for sharing! :)

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