Monday, January 23, 2012

Liquids woohoo

Starts today, gross *drinks protein shake*. I'm getting a fill on Thursday, so I am doing (mostly) liquids till then, I'm going to have a small lunch, mainly to keep up appearances at work, and so I don't go completely insane haha. Hopefully this will get my brain in the right spot.

I set up inspirational reminders on my iPhone to beep every few hours, nerdy, but I think it will help me :)

I read something the other day, from some doctor online and  it say the goal of the lapband is to see how little food you can eat, not how much food you can eat. That makes sense, you can make it a game! That might work for me. I mean I'm definitely less hungry so I should be able to get by with less. I see so many people posting "but I can still eat x amount, why?" well yea, because it's not gonna stop you from eating, it has a hole in it haha. Don't try. Hell, I know all the junk I eat, it definitely doesn't stop me from eating. Sure, like yesterday I ate WAY to much, and it feels like $hit, but I can still do it. I think my fill will scare me enough to start being careful again. At least I hope! I've never had any issues with my band, maybe it will become a little more restrictive...

Well, cheer me on people! I need it!


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  1. Too true, we need to only eat what we have to, not how much we can eat :o) good luck with your fill!