Sunday, March 20, 2011


I tried on several pairs of jeans at Macy's today, Size 18 and they fit! (didn't buy them but still! woo hoo). I also tried a shirt in a 1x and it was way to big. 

Mom, if you are so inclined it was these jeans: INC Jeans hahaha

Yesterday, I did some shopping at Lane Bryant, and everything was just too big in all the sizes I grabbed, had to do a 2nd trip to the dressing room haha. I tried on some denim jegging capris... still unsure how I feel about those... I think I looked less like a sausage in the capri version, but still... What is Lane Bryant's fascination with jeggings, skinny jeans, and tank tops.. I don't know about everyone else, but being overweight those are the LAST things I want to wear. I want sleeves to cover my arm fat (not tiny cap sleeves or tanks), I want jeans that are fitted, but not skin tight all the way down. I mean some of the tanks and stuff are cute.. but I always like wearing ONE shirt. I'm not one for a tank, cami, sweater, jacket, scarf.. I don't like it, and it's always warm here! Maybe when it's 100ยบ will I wear just a tank.

LOL random rant... but yay for smaller clothes!


  1. Super cute jeans!! And absolutely YAY for smaller sizes! :)

    I never understand why there are so many "plus sized" things that are sleeveless. I guess there are some people that want it because they keep making it.

  2. Yea, I'm bottom heavy, so I can sort of understand the skinny jeans for those that are top heavy. But my arms aren't even that bad but I still don't wanna be sleeveless!

  3. Keep it up Heather, gotta make your IDOL watching you.

  4. Love the jeans! You should treat yourself!!!

  5. What a great shopping trip NSV!!!!!