Friday, March 18, 2011

Low Carb..

Anyone do this?

I'm semi trying to go lower carb. Maybe not LOW carb. But I eat a lot of carbs, and I feel like I should cut it back. I tried yesterday, but I felt like crap, and I was really hungry after lunch. I tried again today, and by lunch I felt icky and had a headache so I had some bread with my lunch. Maybe I should have some carbs in the AM and less after that? I had eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes for breakfast with cottage cheese.. I'm following this diet I saw in a magazine, low carb plus pro-biotic cottage cheese or yogurt. I'm satisfied with the food I can eat, but I don't feel great. Hmm. I wanna kick it up slightly so I can meet my Idol finale goal. I have 27 lbs to go and 68 days to do it.

Other than that, I'm doing good. I ate fairly bad on my trip to Seattle and Newport Beach, but I didn't gain any weight so that's good phew, probably all the walking I did! (this pizza I had in Seattle was so good it would be worth gaining a pound LOL!!)

I went to Universal Studios today! That was fun. Lots of walking! Took some pictures, and I can tell even in my photos that I am smaller :D and it feels good to fit better in the rides!

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
I can't think of anything else! So goodnight all :)



  1. I wouldn't say that I avoid carbs, but I have completely cut out bread. It was pretty horrible for about two weeks, but then I felt great! Bread is a trigger food for me and I can't "limit" it, so I just cut it out. It has REALLY helped me. GREAT PICTURE!!!

  2. Lookin good! I think what you are experiencing is a wheat/gluten withdrawl. I went through it on the liquids phase and since then I have not had bread/pasta/rice and I feel awesome....then when I did have something with wheat I felt ROTTEN for two days....but perhaps I have a gluten or wheat allergy that I never knew about because I could never go long enough without them. To see if it's carbs that are doing it to you, leave out the bread but add in fruit and see what happens...see if it's just the blood sugar effect or something else. Experiement and you will learn more about your specific body chemistry and what works best for you. :) Good luck you are looking great!

  3. Carbs are my favorite but I need to cut back too. My nutritionist said to eat good carbs during the day and ZERO carbs after 3 bc it takes your body like 5 hours to process them so if you eat one at like 6:30-7 with dinner then you don't get a chance to burn it off and it gets stored as fat while you sleep. I need to cut back too. Looking good though! You'll be at idol goal in no time!

  4. I eat lower carb but I knew going into it that I would never be a low or no carb person. it helps that I can't eat any kinds of carb food in the morning so I drink a shake. THe adkins products are really good and low carb.

  5. I am not a carb person...I could live my life without pizza or bread and never look back...but OMG do I have a problem with sugar and chocolate...I know someone who lost 160+ with the band and they did it quite quickly and said the key was low you might be onto something!!!